We strongly recommend that all new clients start with a private Pilates session. Within the 50-minute session, you'll receive a customized workout that explains the basics of the Pilates technique and equipment, including a combination of reformer, mat, cadillac, chair, and other accessory equipment.  It is important to understand the basics of Pilates and any necessary modifications before entering a group or class setting.  From there, the instructor can help you develop a workout program of private training or group classes specific to your body and its needs, as no two bodies are alike.    One-on-one training is beneficial because the instructor can provide their full attention to your specific needs and address any injuries or weaknesses.



We have several Master Pilates instructors (over 10 years experience, multiple certifications and continuing education) on staff, who are thrilled to bring expert level knowledge to your sessions.  Whether your new to Pilates, working around an injury or surgery, pregnant or want an intense advanced session, they will bring your body into balance.


Duet, trio, and quad Pilates sessions are available at any time. One instructor will design a workout to accommodate the needs of all participating clients. Your session will be efficient and effective if all partners have a similar level of ability and understanding of Pilates.  We recommend that you create these groups, but we can also help match you with people at a similar fitness level. This semi-private session will include a combination of reformer, mat, cadilliac and chair based on availability during that hour.