Why Boxing is for Everyone


We are extremely excited to introduce our brand new boxing instructor Santiago! Originally from Argentina, Santiago brings a new level of passion and excitement to our boxing classes that will leave you sweaty and ready to take on any challenge. Whether boxing is part of your regular workout routine, or you're a complete newbie, Santiago works with all levels in his classes to allow you to reach your fullest potential. 

how did you originally get started with boxing? 

I started boxing in my early teenage years... I tried different sports during my childhood like rugby and soccer, which I enjoyed playing, although none of them caught my whole attention. My father who was a former rugby player, was determined on putting me through some sort of training since I was a very energetic kid. He spoke to my uncle who was a former amateur middleweight champion and he convinced him to let me try boxing. There was a boxing academy a couple of blocks away from my house which is where I started training.

once you started boxing, what sparked your passion?

I quickly fell in love with the sport after I joined that old gym... Everybody thinks they can throw some punches and win a fight until they have to do it for 3 minutes straight during many rounds. If you're really into it, you quickly realize that there's a lot more than just swinging punches and acting tough, which immediately put me in my place. There was a lot to learn and I was more than willing to do it to get there. That place taught me camaraderie, respect for my opponents, and discipline. These are values that I still carry and consider fundamental.

what is the boxing culture like in Argentina?

Argentina has produced great champions, former and present fighters like Monzon, Martinez, Maidana, Bonavena and Castellini, who are still part of everyday culture. Although soccer is the predominant sport in the country, there's always a special place for boxing. Buenos Aires (the place where I was born and bred) is a massive city where you'll be able to find amateur and professional bouts every weekend; the whole experience can be a little more intense than your average fight, but it's still a lot of fun.

what are the main differences in boing for competition vs. working out?

The main difference relies on the intensity. If you're preparing for a fight, you'll most likely have to do a couple of sessions a day, running in the morning, going to the gym in the evening at least 4-5 times a week. It's rigorous and some people might think the fun part is taken away because of it. Exercise or recreational boxing is based on getting an intense, fun workout, learning the proper technique (It's always good to know how to pack a punch), and improving your body overall.

in your opinion, what are specific benefits of boxing versus other types of exercise? 

In my personal experience, I've worked with clients to improve their stamina, strength, focus, and power. The action of releasing your power-packed punches against the bag, the mitts and the shield has a immediate effect on your psyche. Whether you're stressed from work, school, or just life, boxing will definitely provide some sort of an outlet. There's a feeling of empowerment that, in my humble opinion, only combat sports like boxing have to offer.

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