The Healing Benefits of Crystals

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If you have visited our studio, you've probably picked up on our small obsession with crystals. From the RIDE room to the bathroom, our expanding collection of amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, celestite & more can be spotted everywhere you look! Believe it or not, they're even hidden in places* you wouldn't necessarily think of... While crystals can serve as undeniably attractive décor, they also hold powers extending far beyond their vibrant, sparkly exteriors. Crystals have the power to invest within them a kind of memory, or rather, a power to hold energies. Our bodies contain seven energy centers—also known as our chakras—each of which is balanced and energized by different crystals and their unique vibrational characteristics. Whether you choose to wear your crystal on you, place it in your home, or simply carry it around, you might find yourself shocked at the variety of healing properties that will help inspire your creativity, focus your mind, calm your anxieties and evoke positivity. 

Our paint is crystal-infused, but we also store them under the floors throughout the studio. When renovating the MEGAFORMER room, we placed amethyst and quartz under the floor boards to help combat metal and help balance the energy of the space. Because crystals can also hold onto negative energy, cleansing and charging your them is an equally crucial component to sustaining their positive effects!

Some of the easiest and most common ways to cleanse crystals is by smudging them with sage, soaking them in salt-water overnight or leaving them out in the rain. If you feel the impact of your crystals beginnig to dwindle, be sure to cleanse to reset them to their purest form.

Like your body after a long day, crystals also need to be recharged. When the energy of your crystals begin to deplete, restore them by leaving them out in the moonlight overnight (full moon is our go-to method). If you've ever seen all of our crystals outside on the third deck of the studio, now you know why! Do note that a cleansed crystal will receive the most charge. 

Here are some more tips in case you're feeling inspired to incorporate crystals into your life: If your crystals are too big and too heavy to move outside to cleanse and charge, then using sound is another great option. Use crystal bowls and a sound bath to reset the crystals energy and your own!

New to crystals? Don't stress it. Crystal healing is is a learning process and each crystal will each provide you with something different. Whether you decide to wear your crystals or place them in your home, alternate their use and journal the impact they have on you. Take the time to really sit with each new crystal you acquire and set an intention for it. These rocks can be extremely powerful forces of energy so it is important to have a dedication and seal the intention. 

Crystal Starter Pack

Clear Quartz - for clarity 
Rose Quartz - for love
Amethyst - for physical healing
Celestite -  for stress relief 
Carnelian - for creativity 

BeErin Romney