you are the only one in control of your happiness

Paleo. coffee queen. grateful.


Jen Smiley, fitness guru, has been a client of Romney for over 7 years.  She fell in love with pilates in 2008 and realized that core-building is the foundation for any type of fitness. She has been a ride enthusiast for well over 4 years.  Cycling side-effects for Jen include sweating, euphoria and general awesomeness which led her to want to instruct the class.

Jen supports every rider to come together and ride together.   As a rider, she grew a true passion for a ride class.  "Do it with a passion or not at all."  As a ride guide,  Jen searches for everyones participation and makes sure no one is left behind.  She has taken cycle classes throughout the country and knows what a rider wants - fabulous beats, non-stop work, sweat and motivational cues to get you to the finish line