DON'T WORRY- we've ALL been there...our first ride class.  You've got this!  Feel free to sit down at any point and pedal at your own pace.  Eventually you'll build up the strength and endurance to be able to stand out of the saddle for most (or all) of class.  You'll get there, one pedal stroke at a time.

HYDRATE & SNACK - you will be sweating, so drink plenty of water ahead of time and throughout class as needed.  We have bottled water available for purchase for $1.00, or you can fill up with our filtered water dispensers. To prevent fatigue and low blood sugar eat a light snack 30 minutes before riding.  We have energy drinks and snack available for purchase. 

SIGN UP - check our schedule and reserve your spot ahead of time, as many classes fill up with a waitlist. Sign up via our website or app, available on iTunes.

ARRIVE EARLY - let the front desk know it's your first RIDE and a concierge will get you set up. Riders won't be permitted into class more than 10 minutes late, and you run the risk of being considered a no-show-being fully charged and your bike given away.

SHOES - we clip into our bikes for not only a safer ride, but also to effectively engage proper muscle groups.  No worries...our rental shoes are complimentary, and we'll help you clip in if you need it!  Simply return the shoes after class in designated bins.  If you're bringing your own shoes, our bikes have both SPD and LOOK clips.

FIND YOUR BIKE - clients are assigned bikes and can request bike placement on a first come first served basis.  Make sure to check the sign-in board outside the RIDE room for your bike assignment.  If you're a beginner, we won't place you on the front row. That's usually reserved for advanced riders who can lead the pack during class. 

BIKE SET-UP - our bikes are simple to set up. There are three places you can adjust your bike:

1) Seat Height

2) Seat fore/aft position

3) Handlebar height

SAFETY: After learning the proper placement for your bike double check that all pins are screwed in tight, your shoes are properly and securely clipped in and your resistance knob is working.  Test that brake by pressing down on the red resistance knob. 

REMEMBER: With any new exercise, get clearance from your doctor before your first RIDE. Our instructors are here to challenge and motivate you, but listen to your body and know that you can always sit down and enjoy class from the saddle if you need a less intense option.

If you're a new RIDER to our program or to a particular instructor, let us know and we will be happy to answer any questions.  We were new riders once, too!  You get stronger with each class!