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GROUP REFORMER CLASS                                                                                                                                                                                

group reformer classes are separated by level in order to accommodate all clients – we offer beginner, intermediate, advanced, and multi-level classes. the reformer is a pilates apparatus designed to add resistance and support to a classical pilates workout. each exercise emphasizes breath, core conditioning, and body awareness this full-body workout will strengthen your deepest abdominal muscles while sculpting your legs, arms, and back.as the class level gets harder, the pace will get faster and more challenging moves will be introduced. beginner classes are fundamental for people new to pilates because they explain the basics of the exercises and machines. you must be cleared by an instructor to move past the beginner level. all intermediate, advanced, and multi-level classes require approval before signing up! if you are brand new to pilates, we strongly recommend that you begin your training with a private session – more information about our private pilates offerings here.

MEGAFORMER B.L.A.S.T. (body lengthening and strength training)                                                                                                                 

PERFORMED ON ONE MEGA MACHINE  We are the ONLY licensed Lagree Fitness method megaformer M3 method studio in New Orleans!   Our new Megaformer M3 studio is light, fresh and bursting with energy to get your mind right for this intense workout ahead.  The Lagree Method is a full body, high intensity and low impact program.    No muscle is left out which results in overall body strength, fat loss and muscle sculpting.   We plank, lunge, rotate and burn without any breaks throughout the entire 50-minute class.  You will be pushed to new strength levels, work muscles you never knew you had and be sore for days after.  The class is set to energetic music as you slowly burn up to 700 calories per class. By integrating resistance and counter-resistance, these exercises will strengthen the body, define muscle, rev up the metabolism and burn fat.   Prepare to get shredded in one of the most intense classes within our studio!

RIDE cycling                                                                                                                                                                                                            

RIDE is a thrilling, effective and fat burning cycling class led by inspirational instructors with beat-driven choreography involving the entire body.  Our riders clear their minds, strengthen their bodies and become empowered with every pedal stroke. 

Change your body with high-energy music, upper body weights and choreography. romney ride will take your body and mind on an incredible 50-minute experience. each ride burns not just mega-calories (500+ per class), but riders will work their core and upper body using weights. this is not your typical spinning class; it’s taking riders to the next level. our new spinner nxt bikes have cages for regular tennis shoes and both spd and look clip options. check out our class schedule to reserve your bike.  meet our new instructors and experience each unique ride.

PULSE cardio & sculpt
pulse is a challenging yet low-impact workout that tones your entire body! this high-energy, low-impact choreographed weight class involves intervals of high repetition exercises and stretches. high repetition, light weights and ankle weights build lean muscles without bulking up. this method safely creates flat abdominals, slender thighs, toned arms, and a strong back. come build the body you deserve!  A great class to start out with or to keep your body in top shape no matter your fitness level. 

MAT PILATES: beginner, intermediate, advanced
this 50-minute class involves a series of classical pilates exercises performed on a mat without equipment. each exercise emphasizes breath, core conditioning, and body awareness. instructors will pay special attention to alignment and form. props – including foam rollers, therabands, weighted balls, the pilates ring, and more – may be used to add challenge or assistance throughout the class. whether you’re a beginner or expert practitioner, this mat workout will strengthen the core, tone the hips and thighs, and flatten the abs. after mastering the basic repertoire in beginner mat classes, you can challenge yourself with the quicker-paced intermediate or advanced options.

BOSU cardio & sculpt                                                                                                                                                                                              

If dance cardio, step aerobics and sculpting all had a baby this is what the class would be!  bosu is a high-intensity, high-energy class that is designed around the bosu balance trainer. the bosu is a dome shaped apparatus that can be used with either the dome side or platform side up [bosu = both sides up]. this 50-minute (or 90-minute Tuesday) class will include a mix of traditional step exercises, interval training, weight training, plyometric work, and cardio on the bosu. you will challenge your balance, core stability, and overall body control. come ready to hustle but be prepared for an extremely challenging yet fun workout!

cross training is a high-energy program that will build your stamina and functional strength. this workout combines intense cardio intervals with full-body conditioning for maximum calorie burn. get ready to strengthen your entire body, stabilize your core, and push past your limits. come ready to sweat, breathe hard, and get super fit!

roll & release combines the principles of yin yoga, pilates and myofascial release. this series of stretches and postures releases tight muscles, improves flexibility, increases range of motion and aids in circulation. different props are utilized to enhance the practice. perfect for all fitness and flexibility levels!

we offer private group class events by request. bring your club, organization, bridal party or sorority to work out at romney!